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Our system is used to manage thousands of sports competitions from United States, Canada, The Emirates, United Kingdom, Ireland, and Portugal. The platform is used by sports administrators to manage sports data and sports events relevant to a million sports enthusiasts.



    Create teams and assign players and coaches in real-time online.

    Quick setup – Import your players details direct from excel / CSV file.

    Set up teams by division, grade, school, underage and levels.

    Track members by season (track lapsed members, historical data)

    Attach pictures, and documents to individual records (e.g. scans of qualifications)

    Disclosure details for coaches and volunteers.

    Individual player statistics

    Manage your team players online

    Facilitate player transfer requests

    Transfer approval process

    Assign players to Teams / Panels / Rosters

    Assign players one by one or in bulk

    Submit and approve team rosters electronically

    Manage who can see data (privacy) within your own organization.

    Different Control panels which allows administrators to share member data between users (Clubs / Schools/ Colleges / other).

    While many NGBs and leagues can easily produce accurate numbers of overall members, most are completely in the dark as to how many active playing members they have. SportLoMo have developed an add on to the Registered Player Database system that allows clubs to submit their teamsheets/rosters on a game by game basis electronically and have them feed automatically into the NGBs database.

    The upside to this is that the clubs now have accurate details on their players and can see details such as games played, positions, scores etc and no more hated filing cabinets stuffed with team sheets!

    It is difficult for clubs to play unregistered players so registration has increased since this module has been adopted by leagues.

    Detail for teams and players are available at the click of a button.


    With the submission of team sheets it becomes easy for either referees, club officials or NGB officials to log in and update player discipline against each player.

    Rules can be attributed to each card to eliminate as much typing as possible.

    Disciplinary reports can be exported into excel etc for discipline committees to make judgement.

    Injury System:

    We are currently revising our existing injury system to take account of concussion incidents in games. We expect this to be ready for September 2016.

    The new protocol required for concussed players will be integrated into our system.

    Option to not allow players to be selected for a game until it has been proved that the player has passed through all the requirements they are asked to complete.

    Player statistics, for many sports, is very important for coaches, players and fans alike. SportLoMo provide a statistics option for the NGB, Leagues and Clubs that will capture and display these details. View full player history by game, competition and season (very useful for re-grading or discipline queries).

    Record, Manage, View stats including goals, points, assists, tries, turnovers, runs, innings, yellow cards, red cards, fouls and re-grading.

    Integrated with Competition Management module to facilitate electronic team sheets / electronic game management.

    Integrated with SMS Module to Send SMS messages to members.

    Fully configurable data set. Configure which fields are “Required” or “Optional”

    SMS Group Messaging and Email

    Members and players can be group messaged by SMS or email. SportLoMo can mask the SMS phone number so that replies can be sent back to an official or team manager. All text messages have a confirmation/timestamp within the system.

    Pre-timed Results email to fans.

    Realtime emails to media and press.

    Live results feed to Twitter.
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Munster Rugby, Olan Allen

Munster Rugby, IRFU, European Rugby

" The software has proven to be a fantastic addition to Munster Rugby. Sports Manager run a great operation and we are proud to be associated with it."

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Kerry Basketball, Rosarii O'Connor

"Kerry Basketball was totally transformed by Sports Manager software. The software is an absolute success! We love it."

Client: Ireland Rugby

Sports Manager is a Technology Partner of Ireland Rugby

From Grassroots Rugby to Governing Body - Ireland

SportLoMo software is used by a number of Rugby bodies in Ireland and abroad. Some Users...Ireland Rugby (IRFU) Leinster, Munster, Ulster, Connacht Rugby, Empire GU (USA) and New England Rugby (USA).

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