Online Registration for Teams and Players

Online Registration Software for Teams. Get more players signed up faster, conveniently and securely. Take online payment for membership fees, registration fees and other subscriptions.

Overview of a typical SportLoMo National Registration System

Allow participants to register with their Club, Region, Province and National Organisation.

Allow for the online collection of monies (paid in full at time of transaction, scheduled payment plans or offline payments) to be distributed between organisational levels (divide payments). Support a refund process should it need to take place.

Robust and flexible financial and membership reporting at each organizational level updated in real time.

Support a number of languages throughout the registration platform (Multi-Lingual).

Provide several levels of permissions to isolate the various roles of governance found at the club, regional, provincial and national levels.

Allow each organization to actively communicate (email, SMS, HTML or personal messaging) to their members through the registration system.

Allow for a member to register in multiple registration categories within the same registration year. Example: Senior Player, Coach, Referee (three roles). Link family members (Parent and Minor).

Bring multiple years of previous membership data (imported) into a person’s registration profile and be viewable by the associated organization(s).

Provide the National Governing body and Regional body with up to date information on players (participants) so they are able to provide both quality and efficient services in both defining and delivering their events in accordance to by-laws, privacy and policy laws of the country.

Generate reports/graphs by gender, age grade, competition level, region, participation etc. Helps you to manage your sport and measure the effectiveness of how your resources are deployed.

Implementation and Support: Sportlomo provides implementation, configuration, testing, training, support and maintenance services.

Football Client: View Case Study

du Champions, Youth Soccer in United Arab Emirates.  11,000 players registered online for membership in 2016.

Click here to view DU Champions Case Study



Club Membership Management and Player Registration

  • Master Membership Database - sub divided into different memership categories.
  • Upload members manually or import multiple members from a CSV/Excel file.
  • Display/hide fields, choose Required / optional fields.
  • Each member is assigned a unique membership ID number upon submission to the system (it is possible to maintain the unique id of the previous system if required).
  • Upload files to each member i.e. copies of birth certs, medical certs and a player profile picture for potential membership cards.
  • Player transfers to other clubs can be actioned at any time – the transfer request will be sent through to the governing body and the player will be locked until the governing body/admin either accepts or rejects the player.
  • Submit Team and Players: Once clubs have selected their teams that will play in competitions in the current season they can then submit players to these teams for approval. If the NGB requires a written signature by either the parents or the player an individual or a team multi-sheet membership form can be printed with all the details pre-filled.

More Features


    Accept membership payments online. Track payments Monitor renewals / lapsed members. Link family members. Categorise members by type. Register affiliate members to the association. Organise and track membership by region, division and club. Database has a detailed list of fields, which can be added to or customised.

    Import your membership list via excel in minutes.

    Coaching background checks. Police / child protection vetting for team coaches

    Record team players electronically per game, position, scores and statistics. Allows you to have a full playing history per player. Input full team sheet per game online. Drag and drop players into positions.

    Discipline records · Grading, re-grading players · Players playing history · (red, yellow cards, scores, assists, positions etc) Medical waivers

    Cost controls and a variety of Summary reports

    Communicate with members via Text & email. Text messaging module - Manage text message groups / team & match notifications by text. Social media integration - match reports & club notes. Media pre-timed emails with reports, results, game schedule and fixtures. XML / RSS feeds

    Admin can create new clubs and teams, switch on or off the bonus point system, manually or auto create the fixtures, hide or display fixtures (games) from public view, run data reports on games and results.
Maureen O Shea Coiste Trá Lí Kerry GAA
I wish every other service we use had such a quick response. Sportlomo has a fantastic operation and we are proud to be associated with it.
British Columbia Rugby, Canada join Sports Manager BC Rugby
The British Columbia Rugby Union, Canada, will commence using SportLoMo software for the 2016 – 2017 season. BC Rugby is one of the largest provincial rugby unions in Canada with over 7,600 registered through 59 Rugby Clubs.