Access excellent technology at an affordable price

We create a pricing model that is attractive from our customer’s point of view. We understand that price is very important to you.

How and why is our Technology priced attractively?

  • We don't do one-size fits-all, complicated software, over inflated solutions, annoying bells and whistles, charge for every modification.

  • We avoid offering a plethora of chargeable “extras” as we know customers don’t like these kinds of surprises.

  • We leverage the interest in your sport to provide our software at a reduced cost (with your full permission). We do this via Sponsorship, Advertising, Media Feeds, Web Feeds and Services to Clubs

  • We find our users differ widely so we talk to you about your organisation and then figure out how to combine the ‘right’ elements of our software for your needs.

  • Before we give you a price we need to understand your organization, i.e. number of games, competitions, players, volunteer numbers, your structure, people, resources and needs.

  • All our upgrades are free of charge. Telephone/Email/Online Chat support is free.

  • You do not need to switch your Membership system to use our Competition and Game sofware if you are happy with it. We can feed (api) data to your Membership software.

  • Book an online Demo and trial our software at your leisure. We know you will love it.

David Breen, Mayo Youth Soccer Manager

"We look after nearly 4,000 kids playing in over 40 football competitions at nine different age groups – SportLoMo scheduling software has helped me keep my sanity!"

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