Down men amoung Presidents new committees 2012-04-30 08:17:00

GAA president Liam O'Neill has named 32 new committees to oversee administration and discipline among other things.

"We have 32 committees, with 19 who have chairpersons who have never been chairpersons before," O'Neill explained at a press conference in Croke Park on Saturday past.

"By the time all committees are established we will have 40 females on our committees - a bigger number than ever before. I said I would bring in new people, younger people, fresher people and I always knew that when you do that you automatically bring in females.

"I think every single person on these committees has a contribution to make. It's something approaching 250 people and just one person who was approached had a difficulty as they were unable to come.

"Nobody who was asked was unwilling to serve and I think that shows absolutely huge committment and gives us great confidence that people are willing to volunteer and willing to get involved at central level and make some sort of impact for the organisation. All of those people will be worked very, very hard. People don't really understand what happens. Every single person and every single committee has a definite purpose."


A number of Down GAA Members have been named on GAA presidents Liam O'Neill 32 new committees:

Central Appeals Committee (CAC) the Ulster Representative:
John Devaney, Down

Hurling Development Workgroup:
Kevin Bell

IT and Communications Committee:
Brian McAvoy

Code of Conduct Committee
John Devaney (Cathaoirleach of Committee)

Rules Advisory Committee
Dan McCartan

As Ulster Council Secretary Burren man Danny Murphy also sits on a number of Committees:

Central Competitions Control Committee (CCCC)
Provincial Secretary of Ulster Council Danny Murphy,

National Infrastructure Committee
Uladh Danny Murphy

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