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Put your Sport into the 'Pockets' of your Players and Fans.

Sportlomo secures big investment
This app is quite unique as it is fully automated. All data is fed DIRECT to the app from our Competition Management / Website software - So no work for you!

A Club App is also available.

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Attractive Opportunity for a Brand to sponsor a League, Association App

Sponsor's branding on opening 'Splash Page' + A branding advert on the footer of each page with link to Sponsor.


The cost of an app will vary depending on the size of your league (no of games/ teams). To cover the cost of the app, leagues can opt to put their own sponsor on the app (see video below). Or we will work with you to find a new App Sponsor. For more information email us or use the contact form on our contact page

Al Husseini, Sports Event Coordinator, United Arab Emirates Schools & Street Football,

Youth football co-ordinator, DU, United Arab Emirates
I just wanted to thank Sportlomo for an outstanding job and contribution to the success of the du Football Champions.

Also congratulations should be in order as the tournament and Inspiratus were both winners at the Sports Industry Awards yesterday, your contribution and support helped us reach that.


  • An excellent means to keep your fans in touch

  • Increase your sport visibility & promote your sport in a busy marketplace

  • App data is exclusive & cannot be provided by any other brand

  • Promote your fund raisers on the App’s Latest News

  • App is free to downloaded by overseas fans, ex-pats and ex-players, moms and pops

  • Launch of App with Photoshoot Opportunity for Sponsor

Some Sports Manager Apps: Munster Rugby (Ireland) | Cork GAA | New England Rugby (East Coast USA)

munster rugby sportlomo appCork GAA AppNew England Rugby App, USA powered by Sportlomo










Sports Manager |  Sportlomo Apps bring LIVE scores, tables, standings, news, twitter, facebook  to your fans.  Each app is personalised with data relevant to your league.  A popular feature on the app allows users to select their favourite competition / team and ‘follow’ them on the app – this allows quick lookup of your favourite team or competition.